Pepper the cashier robot from Mastercard

The childlike humanoid billed as the world’s first robot that can read people’s emotions may be about to come of age.

The payments network MasterCard experimenting with the emerging technology, it would begin testing a cashier variant of the multilingual gizmo in Pizza Hut.
Thousands of Peppers, designed by the technology and telecoms group SoftBank, have already been sold in Japan to brands including Nestlé and Mizuho Bank.

MasterCard said, however, that its planned use of the robot was a first since it would allow the customer to deal entirely with the state of the art contraption — both to place an order and to make the payment.
Teenagers’ pocket money jobs nevertheless look safe enough for now . “We’re not trying to replace anything,” said John Sheldon, head of the company’s innovation management. “There will be human staff.” at higher value, experience-based activities.”
The second-largest US payments company might consider deploying the device elsewhere, from hotels to airports, but that it still was an “early experiment”. It plans to begin the pilot at as-yet undisclosed locations in Asia by the end of the year.

Forrás: Financial Times