Degree Programmes

Bank Management Programme (BADI)


The Bank Management Programme (BADI) is a two-year postgraduate financial and banking training programme operated in association with the Corvinus Universty of Budapest.

Why should you choose BADI?

  • The programme offers modern, up-to-date, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in banking
  • Practice-oriented and interactive training in small-group classes
  • Lecturers are banking and university excellences
  • The training lasts 4 semesters and can be completed beside work
  • Provides you with the latest, „state-of-the-art” banking techniques.

BADI is the only available postgraduate financial and banking training in Hungary.

As a result of the training the participant…

  • acquires practical, responsible and risk-aware banking knowledge,
  • will oversee the relationships between banking and economy, the tasks, risks and their connections in each area of a bank
  • will have up-to-date, right applicable knowledge in banking,
  • with his/her professional skills, he/she will be able to reach management level positions.


The Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Economics, issues a certificate for students who have a BSc or MSC degree and have successfully completed the program. Title of the diploma:

  • Economist Specialized in Bank Management (in case of former degree in Economics and Business Administration)
  • Bank Management Specialist (in case of former degree in any other faculty than Economics and Business Administration)

Students, who successfully complete the program, will also receive the certificate of ITCB.

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CEFA (EFFAS) –CIIA Programme


The CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) is an internationally accredited programme built on the educational and exam curriculum of the European Federation for Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS). The programme has been operated by ITCB in association with the national member society of EFFAS, the Hungarian Association of Capital Market Professionals (MTSZE) since 1995.

By taking all exams successfully, students will be eligible to apply for the European CEFA (EFFAS) diploma, provided that they have a college degree or 3 years of professional experience and one-year specific professional experience.

The CEFA (EFFAS) diploma is a precondition for the international CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) diploma. To receive the CIIA diploma, the potential candidates have to take an additional exam organised by MTSZE and ITCB twice a year.

The duration of the program is one and a half year, i.e. 3 semesters.

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European Financial Advisor (EFA)


The European Financial Advisor Programme (EFA) is a postgraduate programme at the Budapest Business School with ITCB's professional support. The program offers a unique opportunity in Hungary i.e. in addition to the university diploma, the internationally recognized EFA qualification can be obtained within the framework of this programme.

The financial and investment industry will undergo a radical transformation with the adoption of MiFID II international regulation.

One of the main consequences of MiFID II will be a much sharper competition than ever before. It is expected that there will be a huge demand for well-trained, ethically-acting consultants who are familiar with the new regulation and capable to compare and analyse financial products objectively, solely on professional basis.

University degree and internationally recognized qualification in two semesters? Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to sign up!

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