Automated reporting with VBA in banking


Training objectives

Do you spend significant time to creating monotone reports at your work? Excel's built-in Visual Basic application is a solution for your problem.

No matter whether you have any programming knowledge or background; our VBA course will guide you through the basics of the most important programming techniques. Our experts present you tasks arising during your work, they will translate into programming language and show how they can effectively be solved using Visual Basic.

Who is this course for? 

This course is aimed at individuals with a basic or no grounding in Excel VBA, who wish to improve their skills with introducing more sophisticated automation into their workflows.

  • IT
  • Controlling
  • HR
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Finance

Estimation of PD and LGD risk parameters


Details of industry standard credit risk parameter estimation methodologies are the main focus of this course. Basel 2/3 compliant solutions are presented in detail supported by in-depth case studies solved by participants.

Participating in this course will allow banking experts to learn the details of creation, parameterization and testing of probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD) estimation methodologies. Through various case studies, participants can try out these newly presented techniques, by estimating their own risk parameter sets.

Recommended to:

  • Credit risk managers, credit analysts
  • Monitoring, internal audit and work-out experts
  • Basel II team members

GDPR in english

GDPR in english

This training focuses on the basics of data protection and corporate privacy compliance program management and we recommend it for those who would like to receive a general overview in this increasingly complex field shaped by rapid changes. Training participants will gain basic understanding of the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the operationalization of applicable privacy requirements and best practices as part of the privacy compliance program framework.

liber adam x200

Dr. Ádám Liber 

Dr. Ádám Liber (is partner at PROVARIS specialized on data protection, information technology and intellectual property matters. Ádám is a certified intellectual property expert and holds an LL.M. in competition law and various international privacy certifications (CIPM, CIPP/E, FIP). 

With his experience of fifteen years, he has been a tech-savvy advisor to several multinational clients on issues relating to Hungarian and EU data privacy laws, complex outsourcing transactions and international data transfers. Ádám represents numerous clients regarding authorizations of and investigations by the Hungarian Data Protection Agency (DPA), as well as in administrative court actions against DPA decisions regarding data processing.
Ádám Liber is the managing editor of the Hungarian data protection weblog since more than 10 years; he currently serves as a General Secretary of the Hungarian Competition Law Association.

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