Tailor-made trainings

We offer tailor-made courses in the following topics:  

Monetary Macroeconomics

In this course the basics of macroeconomy will be introduced, with a special emphasis on monetary elements. Topics such as demand and supply, market mechanism, market players, economic policy, monetary policy, fiscal policy and many others are discussed. The main macroeconomical models are presented in contrast with reality. Inflation, unemployment, money supply, monetary policy, fiscal policy, economic policy and regulation are discussed in detail.

Stock Analysis

This course presents the basic methodologies, fallacies and ground rules of stock and corporate valuation. Topics such as DCF methods, report analysis, financial forecasts, risk and return models, valuation upon financial indexes and acquisition valuation are also discussed.

Accounting and Report Analysis

In this course we want to provide basic information about accounting to help understanding and analysing financial reports. Basic accounting methods, rules and regulations, national and international, will be introduced first. Afterwards the corporate cash flow and financial statement analysis will be presented.

Basics of Banking

This course is recommended for all those who would like to know more about banking and get an insight into banking activities. Also recommended for those in entry-level jobs and the staff in special areas (IT, law) within a bank. The program is practice-oriented, case studies presented by bankers help participants better understand the banks activities.

The Treasury

This course is recommended for treasury traders, risk managers, treasury controllers or back office staff During the course participants will get insight into the workflow of the treasury, the dealing room and the treasury back office. Topics such as startegic planning, ALCO, operative planning, risk management and many others concerning the functioning of the treasury will be introduced.

Methods of Payment

Participants in this course will learn about the different methods of payment such as transfer, cheque, bank guarantee, collateral, letter of credit and others. These methods will not only be explained, but also presented through case studies.

Client Risk Analysis

This course, mainly addressed to risk managers, bank managers and relationship managers, presents methodologies of analysing client risks. Basics of accounting, window-dressing techniques will be presented first. Afterwards credit risk measurement methods and regulations, statistical methods for PD calculations and corporate debt management (on the banks side) will be presented.

Basic Financial Calculations

This course presents the basics of financial calculations, such as the time value of money, discounting, cash flow calculations, NPV and IRR techniques. Definitions of yield, price, return and statistical basics, such as correlations and distributions will be also presented.

Options, Futures and other Derivatives

This course explains the pricing of different financial tools, such as options, futures and other derivatives. Basic concepts of arbitrage, speculations, and hedging will be introduced, and the mathematical tools, like Ito processes, Black-Scholes formula, mean reverting processes etc. for pricing these instruments and portfolios will be explained.

Bank Controlling

This course is recommended for staff members working in areas of strategic planning, controlling, management information systems and managers of profit centers. The course will lead through the main points of a controlling process, and present how to comply with requirements. Topics such as strategic and operative planning, cost analysis, risk and capital, RAROC, RORAC, management information systems will be discussed.

Internal Review

Though recommended for internal auditors, but the course also provides useful information for risk managers. The nature of internal review, tasks, concepts, regulations and supervisory recommendations will be introduced. Internal review of credit institutions in general and a review of activities with special risks will be presented.


This course presents the basics of investment analysis by introducing statistical analysis of price and return, Monte Carlo simulations, investment environment, portfolio theory, CAPM, fixed income products, index models, APT, market efficiency, derivatives and valuing of performance.

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