The Certificate in Banking Programme (FEBI) is an advanced distance learning programme of ITCB, which has been running for three decades. ITCB’s (NQR nr.: 55 343 02) and the Hungarian Banking Association’s Certificate can be achieved within ITCB’s FEBI distance learning programme.

Why choose this training program?

  • Electronic curriculum is available! – be prepared for the exams according to your own schedule!
  • Test your knowledge! - you can practice on electronically available tests!
  • Our instructors are at your service during your preparation! – you can ask ITCB’s instructors in e-mail during the semesters, if you are stuck in self-study.
  • Consultations are intensive but still understandable! - we will help your preparation by solving case studies, examples and tasks together.
  • We prepare you for the NQR exam! - in addition to theoretical training, we are also preparing you for client–bank officer situations, which are necessary for the practical examination.
  • You will take the exam at our place, in a familiar environment.

We are proud of that we have been educating banking specialists since 1995, who are professionals in providing customer service, banking operations, who are familiar with the bank's overall operations and the regulatory environment. The regulation of the Hungarian NQR system changed several times over the years, but our objectives are still the same!

  • Our goal is to ensure such a professional training that provides actual, up-to-date knowledge for the participants.
  • We strive to provide value for the training participants, help their professional development, strengthen their position in the labour market, increase their professional recognition at their workplace.
  • Our professional activity is being constantly developed, documented accurately and always carried out in accordance with the legal environment.

ITCB’s instructors have many years practical experience in banking - they are honoured to share their knowledge and they gladly deal with the participants both during the consultations and via Internet.

Why choose FEBI?

  • The program is recognized in banking and supported by the Hungarian Banking Association.
  • It is a recognized professional qualification appropriate to fill in certain jobs (e.g. in the field of mortgage lending, financial intermediary).
  • The training is one-and-a-half year long, tailor-made, offer flexible learning format for employees (Distance Learning and Consultation Hours on Saturdays).
  • For those who do not have any bank specific degree / diploma, FEBI means an advantage to achieve their career in banking.
  • Participants acquire practical, up-to-date, high-level professional knowledge.
  • Participants will be able to serve clients and manage banking duties with higher professional confidence.
  • Readable electronic curriculum and „easy-to-understand”, clear lectures.

By further questions please contact us: Júlia Mayer-Timári, +36/1/2240736