Certificate Programmes

The International Training Center for Bankers ran the first certified training programme - Certificate in Risk Management Training for financial institutions in spring 2013. Since then, we offer different certificate programmes.

Certificate in Basel III, ICAAP and SREP


The training programme is designed to provide a strong basic knowledge on financial risk management in the banking sector. Wide variety of risk management related topics and tasks are introduced, including credit risk assessment, credit risk control functions; activities related to measurement, assessment and management of all relevant risks of the bank from operational risk through market risk to all risk types under the internal capital adequacy process (ICAAP).

During the course, the students:

  • gain overall basic knowledge on all areas of risk management,
  • gain confidence in interpretation of documents related to risk management topics (reports, decision supporting materials, internal regulations),
  • gain self confidence in interpretation of legal requirements and methodological guidelines related to risk management.

Should participants deepen their knowledge in any of these issues, they are advised to attend specialized trainings following the Certificate in Risk Management training course.

Bank IT project management


Aim of the course is to

  • Provide basic project-management knowledge for the implementation of banking IT projects
  • Acquire practical knowledge of project design
  • Manage the project's operational planning, quality, timeliness and cost orientation

The course covers a lifecycle of a traditional project, organizational frameworks, tools for project management, management of project risks, change management and communication tasks required for project implementation. In addition to the foundation of the project management theory, the training provides students with practical, hands-on experience through the use of case studies assisted/presented by experienced practitioners.

Whom do we recommend it to?

The training is recommended for professionals who

  • are engaged in project management, IT or banking (back-office, business areas, product development, risk management),
  • want to acquire competitive knowledge and experience in solving IT project implementation tasks,
  • also recommended to credit card staff who are in contact with IT projects in their work.

Certified Compliance Expert


The aim of the training program is to:

  • Introduce the new trends and challenges of compliance
  • Review those compliance methods and tools, that allows the participant to get up to date knowledge in the field
  • Help prepare for supervisory investigations.

The course takes 3 days to complete.

For further information please contact us:

Virag Somogyi, +361 224 0734