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FinSim is an online solution where participants can log in and make their decisions about the banking simulation game, using a sophisticated help system and a detailed (customized) guide book. FinSim provides a tailored bank simulation to deepen the lending-specific know-how of bankers within financial institutions.

Strategic decisions are required to maintain and enhance the simulated institution’s market position while making the business more profitable and enhancing customer satisfaction on a wide selection of money markets. The simulation focuses on the classic optimization of the “magic triangle”: an ideal mix shall be created of short-term liquidity position, optimal amount of long-term capital and of constant earnings.

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In recent years market conditions have changed considerably, along with Basel III regulations. The simulation adopts all its important features to provide insight into the current complex regulatory regime, deciding about the most important features of them.

In the current simulation participants can assess the riskiness of business activities, and make their decisions considering their risk appetite, assessing risks and benefits. Capital requirement calculation and risk management methods follow the new regulation: bank management teams can choose from standardized or IRB methods for credit risk, by operational risk it is possible to choose from all approaches concerning capital calculation: even the simplest Basic Indicator Approach or the Advanced Measurement Approach. Planning of capital is a key to success, as their goal can be secured by an optimal level of capital.

The program covers a variety of products and services to be found in most universal banks. Participants can manage e.g. retail credit card products, SME segment along main branches, project financing as well as many other products. As a result they can compete on a banking market that mostly resembles the real one, reflects actual market trends, and participants will face such decision situations that are very similar to real life problems.

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