Strategic and bank consulting


In the field of strategic and specialized bank consulting ITCB offers the following services:

  • Strategic consulting: in several cases, we have had a key role in redesigning corporate strategies by preparing benchmark analyses, background studies and developing strategic recommendations for either an entire institution or for its certain specific business segments.
  • Audit: Bankárképző has wide experience in carrying out complex audits with focus on issues such as internal procedures, corporate procedures’ compliance with legal requirements and the appropriateness of the given institutions’ applied methodologies. Our objective is to identify risks in the client’s existing operational structure and give suggestion on how to eliminate or optimize them.
  • Support in decision making: we provide input for management decisions in the form of project- or corporate valuation, scenario analysis, profitability calculations, etc. Our contribution to Basel II related corporate decision making has an important role in several financial institutions.
  • Organisational design: in this type of service Bankárképző examines the actual operational structure of the organisation (or its specific branch), and compares it with the optimal structure based on the organisation’s type, operations and size. In our recommendations we consider both the organisational structure’s redesign and the related human resource requirements.
  • Market analysis: we prepare customised market analyses, benchmark- and feasibility studies for the financial sector.