ITCB’s research activities encompass the publication of economic studies in a diverse range of fields as well as regular analysis of the domestic banking sector and banking products as part of our ongoing research. ITCB’s staff has a significant experience in economic research and also participates in domestic and international research projects.

Currently running research activity: ISA, the Intelligent Scoring Assistant

Our semi-annual Banking Analysis gives a regular overview of the sector, analysing recent events and making forecasts about the future.

Our Bank Account Index was a semi-annual report until 2018 on retail account conditions, based on the conditions then prevailing on the market.

Our most recent reseach includes:

  • A competitiveness model of domestic banks
  • Research of innovative mathematical models to measure Basel bank risks and quantify capital requirements within the areas of market, operation, liquidity and secondary risks; behaviour-based forecasting of financial asset prices

Our staff’s publications encompass credit risk, operational risk and market risk and include the most recent developments in the field of banking risk management.