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ITCB Bank Account Index, July 2015

One of the most favourable developments in the last 6 months is the fact that Hungarian retail bank account fees have on average decreased compared to the previous period. However the effect of the previous introduction of the “transaction duty” and its effect on account fees cannot be ignored. We have analysed the bank account costs associated with the most typical retail banking client profiles and found that a certain group of market leaders – Erste, K&H and OTP – are trying to provide a competitive account package for all customer types.

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Trends in Banking

24 April 2017
Joint Guidelines to anti-money laundering

Final Joint Guidelines has published on the characteristics of a risk‐based approach to anti‐money laundering and terrorists financing supervision (AML/CFT), and the steps to be taken when conducting supervision on a risk-sensitive basis. Regard to the content of the Joint Guidelines, the European Supervisory Authority (ESA) had conducted consultation since 2015.

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20 February 2017
ESMA’s risk assessment agenda for the year

This Risk Assessment Work Programme provides an overview of the analytical, research, data and statistical activities by ESMA scheduled to be undertaken in 2017. ESMA’s 2017 risk assessment agenda is focused on further developing ESMA’s proprietary data sources and their analytical exploitation.

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